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Apply to list
Complete the project application form on the UDAE website, prepare the “Project White Paper”, and upload the data to this website. For details, please check the UDAE application.
Project review
Review the project's qualifications and policy risks, business models and market size, distribution of tokens, core teams and investment institutions, community and market operations.
Free Vote
Use UT to vote, 1UT=1 votes, and each round of voting is 7 days.
Risk protection
The project winner who wins the voting needs to pay 1,000,000 UT as a risk security deposit. After the UDAE goes online, the security deposit is refunded in 12 months.
Success on the currency
Each project chooses one project to go online: the project with the highest number of votes wins.
Vote processing

①Winning Project: Within 24 hours after the end of the voting, the platform will return UT, which was the winner of the project winning vote, to the voting user;

②Failing project: If the selected project continues to participate in the next round of voting, the user may manually select the refund, and the project party’s initial number of votes in the next period will be recalculated based on the user’s manual refund. If the selected item does not participate in the next round of voting, the user’s vote will be returned in full. There is a refund window during the refund, and the time will be announced after the end of each vote.
After submitting the application form, the project proprietor must go through an audit to enter the seven-day voting session on the currency. The UDAE audit team will evaluate whether the project is qualified according to the actual situation of the project. If there is a policy or technical risk in the project, the project will not be able to enter the online voting session. The project approval status will be announced on the project voting page.